Dr. Francisca Enih

Dr. Francisca Enih



International Guardian News Houston, Texas

Adjunct Professor
School of Communications, Texas Southern University

American Journal of Transformational Leadership Houston, Texas

FRANCISCA ENIH, Ed.D was born in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. The first of eleven children. Growing up, she was fascinated with taking care of the needy, and this interest led to some early exposure to Saint Vincent De Paul Society, since she was drawn to stories related to caring.

During the devasting Hurricane Katrina in August 2005, I served as the President of the Nigerian Catholic Ministry at Saint Albert of Trapani Catholic Church in Houston, Texas. One the missions was to help the needy and those affected by the hurricane.  Within the ministry we provided hot meals to the individuals displaced by the hurricane.  Later, Dr. Enih, who now teaches Skills for Living and Learning at the middle school level, developed a passion for ideas. She took professional developments in science, technology, mathematics and engineering and in 2007-2008 school year was name Houston Geological Society Earth Science Teacher of the Year from Rice University, Houston, Texas and Houston Independent School District Cream of the Crop in 2007. In 2008 and 2009 she was elected Holland Middle school Special Education Teacher of the Year. Also, she is certified to teach English as a Second Language.

Many are aware of the dangers of the lack of parental involvement in children's academic achievement, but few really understand how to make a difference. As a mother and educator Dr. Enih explains everyday unconventional parenting techniques you can use to help your child become successful. Dr. Enih teaches at the middle school level and has won numerous Teacher of the Year awards. She lives in Houston, Texas and earned her doctorate from Texas Southern University. Her goals and passion are to uphold human self-esteem, to always be patient, and to promote fairness and kindness.

Dr. Enih, who lives in Houston, Texas has been an educator since 1997. She earned her Doctorate degree from Texas Southern University, Houston, Texas and her dissertation title is “The Relationship Between Parental Involvement and Middle School Student Achievement in Mathematics”. She is currently the Parish Pastoral Council member of St. Albert Catholics Church, Texas. Her goal is to uphold human self-esteem, to always be patient, and to promote fairness and kindness.

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