Houston resident, Dr. Anthony Obi Ogbo is the publisher of Houston-based International Guardian, and the Vice-Chancellor and facilitator of the American Journal of Transformational Leadership. Author of many books and journals, including “336 Hours in Nigeria,” a book on politics, leadership, and psychology.
Dr. Anthony Obi Ogbo
Management - Organizational Leadership
As an area Chair at University of Phoenix, Dr. Liz Young has always been passionate about learning, but now that passion has been extended to include helping others to learn. According to Dr. Young, “When I reflect on the words that I just wrote, I find it oddly interesting that the learners with whom I am engaged are at two vastly different ends of the spectrum of learning.
Dr. Elizabeth A. Young
Educational Psychology - Cognition and Development
Dr. Chris Chinwe Ulasi has been a professional communicator, scholar and researcher for over twenty-eight years. Dr. Ulasi is a screenwriter, producer, and poet. He was from 1993-1996 journal editor and book editor of the Journal of Nigerian Affairs formerly CONPO REVIEW).
Dr. Chris C. Ulasi
Journalism, Media Communications
Dr. Anthony Hancock has served in multiple roles at multiple very large community colleges in Texas with enrollments of more than sixty to eight-five thousand semester credit hour students in addition to thirty to forty 40 thousand non-credit students in continuing and workforce education, for the past 19 years.
Dr. Anthony Hancock
Educational Leadership – Workforce Exponent
Dr. Patricia Ugwu is currently the Dean of Student Success & Engagement at Houston Community College (HCC) Coleman College for Health Sciences located in the Texas Medical Center. She provides leadership to a comprehensive student services division that includes: Admission & Enrollment, Testing, Advising, Counseling, Intake & Retention as well as Learning Support and is the Co-Lead to HCC’s District Eagle Early Alert Program.
Dr. Patricia Ifeoma Ugwu
Student Success- Diversity Management
Dr. Emmanuel Peter is an experienced teacher, a bishop, and a former campus director. A subject matter specialist in management education and organizational leadership with the philosophy of working with students at their individual paces. A team builder/player with excellent critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
Dr. Emmanuel Peter
Educational Management - Organizational Leadership