Dr. Anthony Hancock

Houston Community College

Dr. Anthony Hancock has served in multiple roles at multiple very large community colleges in Texas with enrollments of more than sixty to eight-five thousand semester credit hour students. Continue Reading >>> Contact Dr. Hancock >>>

Dr. Anthony O. ogbo

Dr. Anthony Obi Ogbo, publisher of Houston-based International Guardian and the  facilitator of the American Journal of Transformational Leadership is the Author of many books and journals. Continue reading >>>   Contact Dr. Ogbo >>>

Dr. Chizoba Madueke

University of Phoexix

Dr. Chizoba “Dr. Zee” Madueke is a professor and practitioner of management, leadership, organizational dynamics and research methods.  He has lectured for Universities in Europe, Asia, and parts of the Middle East.

Dr. Chris Ulasi

Texas Southern University

Dr. Chris Chinwe Ulasi has been a professional communicator, scholar and researcher for over twenty-eight years.  Dr. Ulasi is a screenwriter, producer, and poet. Continue Reading >>>  Contact Dr. Ulasi >>>

Dr. Elizabeth Young

University of Phoexix

As an area Chair at University of Phoenix, Dr. Liz  has always been passionate about learning, but now that passion has been extended to include helping others to learn. Continue Reading >>> Contact Dr. Liz >>>

Dr. Emmanuel Peter

Educational Management

Dr. Emmanuel Peter,  experienced teacher, a bishop, and a former campus director is a  subject matter specialist in management education and organizational leadership.

Dr. John Onuko Mobegi

Dr. John Onuko Mobegi was born and raised in Kenya and migrated to the United States after completing high school.  Currently, a resident of San Jose Northern California.

Dr. Patricia Ifeoma Ugwu

Houston Community College

Dr. Patricia Ugwu is currently the Dean of Student Success & Engagement at Houston Community College (HCC) Coleman College for Health Sciences located in the Texas Medical Center.  Continue reading >>> Contact Dr. Ugwu >>>