The cultural and social barriers immigrants face in attaining leadership positions

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JOHN MOBEGI, PHD This research paper  focuses on Kenyan immigrants who migrated to the United States to seek education and employment opportunities.  Interviews were conducted with Kenyan immigrants in northern California in the United States.  As immigrants arrive and settle in the United States, they are faced with complex challenges such as cultural and social […]

Maxims of Political Leadership: Thoughts and Reflections on Issues in Management and Contemporary Leadership.

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My latest book is ready for the prime-time This book unleashes thoughts and reflections on issues in management and contemporary leadership. But before you ask, please note that this book is not about metaphors neither is it a research study on maxims. Whereas phrases and paragraphs are riddled with tropes of structural leadership realities, the […]

Does Your School Post Its ‘Profile’ Online? And Why That Matters for College Admission

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By Catherine Gewertz Students at high schools with large low-income populations could be at a disadvantage when applying to college because of a little-known document that’s part of the process: each high school’s “school profile.” School profiles offer colleges a quick way to get a sense of the applicant’s school and community. They include information […]

Understanding organizational change for alliancing

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Abstract  |  Full Text Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to examine an organization’s operational alignment in the process of alliance formation. Design/methodology/approach – A literature study was conducted on the strategic importance of assessingandaligningorganizations’ operationsforalliancing.Furthermore,aninstrumentalcasestudywas conducted to provide insight in the degree of operational alignment required for a maritime organization to form […]