The American Journal of Transformational Leadership (AJTL)  is an academic forum on leadership replicating the study and practice of leadership through three essential elements of modern governance –the leaders, the led, and the surrounding condition. Great leadership strategists and voices would concur that “Leadership” as a discipline is the most studied but least understood. Saddled with various definitions, theories, and research studies, dissecting the complexities surrounding the language of effective leadership have been associated with organizational success. 

The success of leadership is not negotiable in a world characterized by situational challenges. The rapidity of global interconnectedness transcends industries, boundaries, and geographic locations and set new challenges and standards for effective leadership.   In the current era, leaders would confront   unparalleled challenges which would require critical thinking aptitudes, innovation and other relevant traits to overcome.  Through routine research, academic programs, and training, AJTL promotes a more inclusive understanding of leadership, serving student-leaders, leadership and management doctoral scholars, political leaders, policy makers, business and organizational leaders, and others who facilitate the subject or discipline of leadership.