Protecting the Privacy of Your Personal Information, Communication or Transmission


■ The privacy of Conversation Threads.

Privacy of all conversation threads and all your transmission and other individually identifiable information besides item already publicly listed or made public for membership purposes must be protected at all times. Confidentiality of other information transmitted during official email inquiries must be maintained at all times, and may only be disclosed with the express written consent of the members or stakeholders involved.



■ Protect email thread conversations or information.

The American Journal of Transformational Leadership (AJTL)  shall not publish or otherwise make generally available THREAD CONVERSATIONS, any information or data that identifies a member for purposes other than AJTL’s business, without his or her express written consent. This does not restrict the internal use of such information or data that is required in the performance of the scope of work that AJTL has been engaged to perform as an organization for a member. AJTL also maintains physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect individually identifiable information. AJTL is continually assessing those safeguards and making ongoing improvements to maintain and enhance the level of security for individually identifiable information.

■ Ensure that participants information is not used for purposes other than that of AJTL.

Thread conversation, mails,  and other information cannot be used for purposes not related to AJTL’s business without explicit authorization from the member. For example, AJTL may not use conversation threads, emails,  and other information for any purpose other than to perform the services for which she is engaged, unless AJTL first obtains the explicit authorization of the member.

■  Maintain information in a manner to protect confidentiality.

All communication shall be maintained by AJTL in a confidential manner that prevents unauthorized use and disclosure to third parties. For example, AJTL may share information with a third party or any affiliated entity for the same purpose of performing the services for which  we were engaged as organization, provided such information/communication shall remain confidential at all times and shall be shared with only those persons that have authority to receive such information.

■ Penalties for Misuse of Personal Information

There are serious penalties for violation of the confidentiality of information. Please be advised that state laws may impose criminal and civil penalties on individuals who misuse or inappropriately disclose information without explicit consent by the concerned individual. However, AJTL’s penalty mandates any employee who violates the privacy and confidentiality of a member, through disclosure or otherwise, may be subject to disciplinary action, including termination of his or her employment with AJTL.