Karin has built a very active blog over the last two and half years. Publishing several times of week, she has focused on offering very practical leadership advice about how to deal with everyday problems in the workplace. Karin actively engages with her readers and offers a response to almost every comment made. This site is rapidly becoming one of my personal favorites.
Maxwell has an enormous twitter following of almost 1.2m people. For those who are interested in something a bit more long-form than 144 characters, his blog is the next stop. John's Christian faith is a strong theme in many of his posts on the topic of leadership and although he rarely comments on posts there are a lot of great comments left by his readers.
Dan Rockwell is a prolific blogger, publishing a new 300 word post on a different leadership topic almost every day. An average post generates about 20 comments from readers, with some attractive hundreds. Perhaps most impressively, Dan responds to about a third of all comments and he is happy to engage in sometimes lengthy debate. A true leader in the field of leadership!
Lolly is a popular columnist, speaker, tweeter and blogger with a very large following on social media. She has an engaging writing style and she regularly engages with her readers by responding to comments and questions in the blog. Once you start to read her work you'll be hooked.